Eastern Europe Advantages

A critical factor in your selection of an offshore partner is the location where your team will reside. Each geography has unique advantages. As you evaluate your projects needs, Augmentive believes that Eastern Europe offers the following advantages to anyone building an offshore team:

Highly Educated Work Force

Eastern Europe has a history of technical training and expertise. The education system is heavily focused on math and sciences, which has created a large pool of talented software engineers. As Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine evolved into independent market economies, the reduction of government funded research jobs created a surplus of highly educated developers. The end result is a large workforce that is highly educated, motivated and readily available at a low cost.

Low Turnover

Turnover is a costly result of mismanaged offshore projects. This is especially true for companies that rely on extensive training for their software engineers. In addition to Augmentive's retention programs, the low turnover rate in Eastern Europe reduces your exposure to employee loss. In a recent study, Gartner found that India has the highest turnover rate while Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine had turnover rates significantly lower than India and the United States.


A critical factor of any distributed development model is the ability of project team members anywhere in the world to effectively communicate. There is a window of direct communication between the United States and Eastern Europe during normal business hours. Unlike India and China where creating a communication window is extremely difficult, the overlap of work hours between the US and Eastern Europe allows for four to five hours of collaborative development each day. During this time, you are able to schedule conference calls, videoconferences and direct communication with your team. Augmentive knows that this increases effective communication contributing to team cohesiveness and eliminating confusion and frustration.


Augmentive's experience shows that the majority of communication among a distributed development team will happen through conference calls or via the Internet. However, there will be times when face-to-face interaction facilitates a project. When this occurs, Eastern Europe has a distinct advantage over India and China. By plane, each of our resource centers is located within 21/2 hours from several European hubs including Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. This results in approximately 50% reduction in travel time and costs when compared to other offshore geographies like India and China.

If you would like to learn more about one of our resource centers, please contact us.