Geographical FAQs

Where are your development centers?

Augmentive has development centers in Moscow in Russia, Minsk in Belarus and Kiev in the Ukraine. By plane, each of our resource centers is located within 21/2 hours from several European hubs including Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. This results in approximately 50% reduction in travel time and costs when compared to other offshore geographies like India and China. For more information about our development centers, click here.

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Why is Eastern Europe a good site for offshore development?

Augmentive chose to establish development centers in Eastern Europe for 4 main reasons:

  1. Access to highly skilled technical resources.
  2. Low turnover rate for companies in the region.
  3. There is a window of direct communication during normal business hours.
  4. Eastern Europe is easily accessible from several hubs including New York City, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

For a more detailed explanation, click here.

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Do Augmentive employees in Eastern Europe have a good command of the English language?

Augmentive makes sure that each project lead is proficient in written and spoken English to ensure proper communication of requirements. As part of our methodology, we emphasis written requirements documents to ensure high product quality, in order to be able to do this, we make sure that all project members are proficient in written English.

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There has been numerous news stories about major companies establishing development centers in India. Are there major companies also looking at Eastern Europe?

Yes. Because of many factors, companies are looking to alternative locations to India and often find exactly what they need in Eastern Europe. Companies such as Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Lucent technologies, IBM, SCO, Lynx, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Intel, HP, Rockwell, Samsung, Boeing have long-term commitments with Eastern European programming teams employing anywhere from 10 to 300 developers each. Ready to be the next company? Contact us.

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What are the development processes and quality standards of Eastern European companies?

While Augmentive has development centers in Eastern Europe, we are an American company with experience working on projects for mid to large software companies in the United States and Western Europe. Based on the Rational Unified Process, our development methodology has been rigorously tested and is applicable to all forms of software projects. As part of our services, Augmentive will work with you to customize our methodology to meet your internal standards. For more information about our methodology, click here. For more information about our services, click here.

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