Distributed Methodology

Augmentive knows that most offshore development projects are distributed development projects that utilize distributed resources in multiple geographies. Consequently, Augmentive's development methodology is designed to optimize the use of onsite, onshore and offshore resources.

Augmentive's methodology is based upon the principle that certain roles in the development process must be conducted onsite or onshore, while other roles are best executed offshore. Onsite roles are those roles that require face-to-face customer interaction. These roles typically include requirements analysis, software deployment and product acceptance by the customer. Onshore roles are roles that require significant interaction with the customer but do not necessary require face-to-face meetings. The development of functional design documents and technical design documents usually fit within this category. Finally, offshore roles require the least amount of interaction with the customer. Because the functional design documents and detailed testing plans are built onshore during the functional and technical design processes, these activities can be managed offshore. These roles usually include the construction and testing of the product.

Before assigning any resources to an offshore development project, Augmentive takes each of its clients through the following three steps: