Recruiting Expertise

Augmentive's in-house HR consulting staff is dedicated to addressing your staffing needs. Whether you are beginning a new project or expanding an existing development team, Augmentive dedicates an HR consultant to work on your account. Your HR consultant is responsible for understanding the technical and experience requirements for all open positions. Based upon a detailed evaluation of technical and experience requirements, Augmentive will provide staffing either from our internal team or through our external recruiting team.

Augmentive works with major local universities, technical institutions and third-party recruiting firms in order to create teams according to your specific needs. In addition, we have a growing resume database of technical specialists, programmers, software architects, QA engineers, business analysts, and project managers that gives us the ability to quickly scale to meet your needs. Before you meet any applicant, Augmentive will screen the resumes and meet with the person to ensure that they:

  • Hold a degree in Math, Physics or Computer Science;
  • Meet the appropriate experience level; and
  • Have English proficiency according to your requirements

Once we have completed the initial screening, we can arrange for you to personally interview the candidates so that you have the final say in who joins your team.