Training Programs & Strategies

A critical and often-overlooked part of any offshore software project is the initial and on-going training needs of project team members. Depending on your existing in-house training programs, Augmentive will work with you to deploy your training programs or customize Augmentive programs for use by your offshore team. This includes:

Training Customization

Augmentive begins any relationship with the analysis of the existing internal training programs of our clients. Taking into account the training already available, we will work with you to create the necessary training programs for your project team. Depending on the level of knowledge transfer and the depth of product understanding necessary to be an integral part of your development team, training may occur onshore, offshore or both. It is important to understand that the time and expense of training will go down as the experience and domain knowledge increase within your offshore group.

Process Training

Augmentive conducts process training with your project team to ensure acceptance and compliance with your development process. The purpose of this training is to make sure that each team member understands his or her role, responsibilities, and appropriate hand-offs at each stage in the development lifecycle. Augmentive believes that buy-in and understanding of the development process is a key factor in a cohesive, well executed distributed development environment.

Product Training and Knowledge Transfer

Augmentive will recruit team members that meet your experience requirements. However, we also recognize that each each new team member may need extensive product training. Depending on the amount of domain expertise required for their job function, team members will participate in product training sessions specifically geared towards expanding their domain awareness.

Continuous Technical Training

Augmentive encourages and facilitates the continued education of our employees in order to provide you with up-to-date skill sets for your projects. We provide access to e-learning tools and dedicate 5% of each person's work time to job skill training. In addition, if you need assistance in providing technical training to your project team, Augmentive will assist you in assembling and designing appropriate training programs.