About us
About us


Welcome to a different but highly effective concept in software development...
Different because it offers measurable advantages over other outsourcing models.
Effective because it offers proven ways to ensure quality and success.

Augmentive provides a full suite of outsourcing support. Our project-based services cover any and all life-cycle stages. Or you may need a dedicated development center. We specialize in establishing centers that operate as an extension of our clients' organizations.

Leading companies will tell you that Augmentive means:

  • Greater cost savings due to the salary levels, technology infrastructures and HR services we provide
  • Increased efficiency through our proven methodology, quality talent and location advantages
  • Higher levels of confidence from dedicated teams and documented expenses

With development centers in Riga, Minsk and Kiev, Augmentive is a boutique software services firm that focuses on delivering a blend of offshore and onshore software development resources to its customers.

Augmentive's distributed development methodology is built around the knowledge that most successful offshore software development projects require a mix of both onshore and offshore resources. Augmentive offers project based services as well a program to establish your own offshore dedicated development center. In addition to providing development resources, Augmentive advises its customers on topics ranging from development needs analysis and process definition to developer training strategies and retention programs.

Augmentive was founded by a group of software professionals with years of experience delivering custom and application software to both mid-size and Fortune class companies. The Augmentive team has deep experience delivering mission critical software to Fortune 500 companies.


Eastern Europe Advantages
Highly Educated Work Force
Eastern Europe has a history of technical training and expertise. The education system is heavily focused on math and sciences, which has created a large pool of talented software engineers.
Low Turnover
Turnover is a costly result of mismanaged offshore projects. This is especially true for companies that rely on extensive training for their software engineers
A critical factor of any distributed development model is the ability of project team members anywhere in the world to effectively communicate.
Augmentive's experience shows that the majority of communication among a distributed development team will happen through conference calls or via the Internet.