Augmentive's service offerings are designed with our client's business needs in mind. We provide both Project Based Software Development Services and Dedicated Offshore Software Development Centers to our clients.

Project Based Services

Augmentive provides comprehensive project lifecycle services including requirements analysis, functional design, technical design, application development, quality assurance testing and product deployment. Augmentive has extensive experience managing large-scale software development projects with teams distributed throughout the globe. We offer project-based services on both a fixed price and time and materials basis.

Dedicated Development Centers

Augmentive specializes in establishing dedicated development centers. Each dedicated center is a customized and secure software development facility that is tailored to your business practices, methodologies and culture. It is an extension of your organization, leveraging highly qualified resources and a robust infrastructure at a competitive cost. This model removes any concerns you may have about incorporation procedures, recruitment, legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leasing and security. For organizations and businesses looking to achieve significant savings with resources and greater freedom to focus on core strategic competencies this is an ideal option.

A wide spectrum of internal technological competencies and world class recruiting capabilities allow Augmentive to choose the optimal personnel for each customer project. Extensive project management experience, clearly defined development processes and a state-of-the-art global communications infrastructure make it possible for Augmentive to ensure timely deliveries.

Key to our success is the work we do with our clients analyzing their development needs and defining a development process that meets these needs. Often companies fail to appreciate the critical role that process plays in software development. The key to most successful distributed software development projects is having the entire project team (Augmentive and client team members) clearly understand the roles, responsibilities and transition hand off points within the development process.

Our services include:

  • Development Needs Analysis
  • Recruiting Expertise Throughout Eastern Europe
  • Proven Training Programs and Strategies
  • Experienced Project Management Resources
  • Robust Retention Programs
  • Scalable, Global Infrastructure


As things go global exponentially, linguistic services have become an essential part of virtually any business, be it large, medium, or small. Augmentive’s services include professional translation and localization and cover multiple content types to help you focus on specific markets and target the right audiences. If you want your product to hit new markets, if you need to engage with your customers in their own language, or if you need to maintain effective communications with overseas branches or partners, then you need to rely on the linguistic services. From buying your offering to using it to getting support, people expect seamless native-language experience with your product. Give them what they want, and you’ll get increased sales, enhanced brand awareness, and loyal customers. To achieve that, you need a reliable linguistic service provider (LSP) that can ensure high quality, flexible pricing, scalability, on-time delivery and data privacy.


From large global companies that rule international markets to small rapidly growing businesses that just start selling overseas, it is vital for a business of any size to communicate with customers in their own language. People prefer products and services they can understand quickly and use easily. Whether you have internal or customer-facing documentation, mobile or desktop apps, websites, or multimedia content, you can fully entrust the task of getting your assets ready for a local market to us. We’ll make sure your localized copies deliver the right message and look and feel the same as your originals.


 Businesses spend a lot of time and money carving their image, values, and character for their home markets. You already know your marketing content must inspire, drive, fascinate and influence. However, what works for an original market may turn into a huge and expensive fail in other countries. This is where we come into play. Our services allow you to advertise products while keeping your messages on target and ensuring the consistency of your brand. Specifically, we offer:

  • Creative adaption. We translate and adapt your ad copy, brochures, marketing emails, and press releases for a specific market.
  • Transcreation. We take the fundamentals of a message and re-create it in another language. Make no mistake, it’s not just a literal translation. It’s a reinvention of highly-branded content like taglines, product names, slogans and the like.

There’s a common misconception that any translator can be a marketing translator. For creative adaptation and transcreation, you need in-country creative writers with experience in advertising and excellent command of both source and target languages. While traditional translators also have subject matter expertise, they are experienced in translating more factual, unequivocal user documentation or technical materials.


You’ve put your heart and mind to your brand and product. However, cultural gaffes, accuracy mistakes, or spelling and grammar errors can do them a great disservice. Dispel your worries with a third-party review and rest assured your translations are completely clear and error-free. Guided by your standards and style preferences, we can review and fix your content for you. This way you can ensure your LSP delivers the highest quality your brand, products and services deserve, and you go to local markets with your best foot forward.


If you want to know more about our language services, please contact us through our contact page.